ANZ Tennis Hot Shots - "learning through play"


The ANZ Tennis Hots Shots program is the perfect way to start kids in tennis. Only Tennis Australia coaches are able to offer this program.

Although to many people here in Toowoomba it may represent something new and different, it is the product of many decades of experience and of the best minds in tennis coaching world-wide.

The ideas and concepts have been used in other parts of the world for many years and are in use, under different brand names, all over the world.

Since it was introduced into Australia several years ago, a huge number of children - and coaches - have signed up across the country. You may have seen it widely publicised on Channel 7 during the Brisbane International and Australian Open.

One aspect I really appreciate is that it breaks down a child's progress to specific Stages and specific skills, knowledge and qualities within those Stages. We are working to a proven plan that is the product of decades of experience.

The basis of the program is its philosophy of "learning through play", where children are playing the game from the first lesson and learning the skills in real tennis situations.

The pathway is from Launch Pad stage (Perceptual and Fundamental Motor Skills) (ages 3-5), to Red stage (ages 5-8), to Orange (ages 8-10), then to Green (ages 9+).

Launch Pad and Red stage use the 25% compression Red ball on mini-courts; Orange stage uses the 50% compression Orange ball on a larger court; Green uses the 75% compression Green ball on the full court.

For more information, please visit the Hot Shots pages of the Tennis Australia website -  http://hotshots.tennis.com.au



"The top 10 reasons why ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is the best program for kids"

 (abbreviated and adapted from a Tennis Australia article) 

* Right stuff - courts and equipment are scaled to the size of the child.

* More skills - balls bounce lower and fly slower, allowing players to develop technical skills faster.

* No extremes - as balls are hit in the appropriate strike zones more often, players are less likely to develop extreme grips and techniques. 

* Play quicker - players can serve, rally and score faster. 

* Global - leading tennis nations have adopted this methodology over the past 20 years.

* More balls please - as they can rally, children will hit over 100% more balls than a player standing in line being fed balls by a coach. 

* Tactical mastery - players develop a greater tactical awareness of the court and opponent sooner as they have time to integrate the position of the opponent into a decision-making process, rather than just "winning the collision" with the ball.

* Ticking all the boxes - Red, Orange and Green tennis provides a systematic approach to developing different skills as ball trajectories change and increasing court dimensions require new or more advanced levels of technical and tactical skills.

* Move it - players' movement patterns are more realistic.

* No robots - players can develop a variety of game styles and skills that better suit their personality.