"Contact Point" Newsletter


Welcome to the Term 1 (edited) issue of "Contact Point", which contains some important news and information about my program.



Term 1 ends on Friday, March 31. Term 2 runs Tuesday, April 18 to Friday, June 23.

Term 2 is a 10-week term.

There are two public holidays in Term 2 - Anzac Day on Tuesday, April 25 and Labour Day on Monday, May 1.

I don’t coach (or charge for coaching) on public holidays, as many players are unable to attend.



Here is the official word from Tennis Australia on changes to the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program…

“ANZ Tennis Hot Shots participants are now automatically registered to the program until they turn 13 years or opt out. This means all registrations roll over in July from the previous financial year. 

“New participants receive a t-shirt upon registration and a gift each year thereafter. This year’s gift is a New Balance drink bottle.”

New participants should go to the website - hotshots.tennis.com.au/register and click on “Register Now” under “New Participants”. Then type in “Toowoomba Tennis Association” in the “Venue Name” box. Select the coaching box under my name. Also claim the free Hot Shots t-shirt! 



Hot Shots t-shirts are sent to me by Tennis Australia, and I present them to students at lessons.

If your child has a Hot Shots t-shirt, I encourage them to wear it to lessons and Hot Shots Challenges. There are dressing rooms at the club, so feel free to make use of these.

Wearing any of the earlier styles of Hot Shots shirts is also fine.



Due to my absence in Week 9 this term, all students are entitled to the make-up lesson being offered.

These are being offered from Monday, April 3 to Thursday, April 6, at the usual times.

As always, players need to be booked in no later than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson start time. If your family is not available during this week, I fully understand.



Something for everyone to be aware of is my policy and procedure regarding lesson cancellations.

On a day I am cancelling – including Hot Shots Challenges - as soon as I have made the decision to cancel, I get in touch with everyone affected by SMS text message.

If I am on the court coaching I will not be able to respond to messages from clients asking if tennis is on.

My policy is to offer one make-up lesson in the next school holidays where I have cancelled a lesson for any reason.

For additional lessons I cancel, a 50% credit for each lesson is given on the following term’s invoice.



If your best contact mobile phone number for me changes, please let me know. Also, if your email address changes, don’t forget to let me know.

If I am contacting you, I am assuming you are receiving the messages!



The Term 2 schedule is being worked out now. If you wish to make any changes and haven’t already told me, please let me know immediately.   

If there is no contact between us, your session arrangements in Term 2 are the same as in Term 1.

In my program, lesson arrangements simply roll over from term to term, including Term 4 of one year to Term 1 of the next year.



Most accounts from Term 1 have already been paid. The due dates for all accounts are printed on the invoices. Please respect these dates.

Students whose accounts are not paid by the beginning of a new term are automatically suspended from my program until the account is paid.



A big welcome to the following new players and their families –

Lily Hocking – Red Stage

Kayaan Pitalia – Red Stage

Nash Fitzpatrick – Red Stage

Summer Radke – Green Stage

Parker Schiffer - Orange Stage

Hugo Stinson – Green Stage        

I look forward to helping all these players improve their games!



Seven of my players competed in the Term 1 season of Toowoomba & District Junior Tennis League.

Ben Shelton

Will Doherty

Lachlan Skerman

Thomas Sims

Skyla Stout

Connor Schutt

Sterling Hamilton


Well done to all these players. Ben Shelton, Will Doherty, Thomas Sims and Skyla Stout all came away with trophies.

I give players have two goals for each season – a win-loss record of 50% or better, and to know that their games and match play have improved between the start of the season and the end.

Results can be seen online at leagues.tennis.com.au. 



My program is an introduction to competition as well as a coaching program. I want to all children to not only have a great tennis experience at lessons but get a taste of competition.

Many players took part in my Green and Orange Hot Shots Challenges in Term 1. Points tables with photos are now posted inside the clubhouse for children to see.

Well done especially to Sam Grant who took out both the Orange and Green ball competitions!

Sam is going to start Junior Tennis League in Term 2!

Well done also to Oliver Shelton who came runner up in 10’s singles and doubles at the recent Goondiwindi Junior Development Series tournament. His brother Ben also participated.

I expect virtually all students to be taking part in competition at an appropriate level, from my in-house Hot Shots Challenges up to Tennis Australia Junior Tour tournaments. 



This term I have simply chosen three players from my program to jointly give the Term award to.

Congrats to Matilda Stinson, Ryan Jobling and Sam Grant.

These players have all been showing very positive signs. I really encourage Matilda, Ryan and Sam, and all the previous winners of this award, and all my other players, to keep moving forwards!

Term 1 winners are all in the running for the overall award for 2017. 



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Thank you so much to my program parents and players for your wonderful so far in 2017. Enjoy the holidays and see you in Term 2!